Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Wayside we seek thy intercession for the welfare of our Faith, our families, our flocks, and our fields. We beg thee to obtain for us the grace to walk in the Way of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. May we find the end of our pilgrimage at the gates of Heaven, and there give praise to God our Almighty Father, forever and ever. 


This union of man and woman is seen not only as a celebration of love, but also as a vocation and in the eyes of the Church also as a sacrament of service, in somewhat the same manner as the sacrament of ordination. No longer seen as a social contract, the union is seen as a special sign of God’s presence in humanity in the creative expression of the love in the union of the couple, in times of happiness and difficulty. In this communal love, Christ’s boundless love becomes manifest in the Christian community and in society at large. This boundless love is symbolized by the lifetime commitment of the couple and their openness to creating children.

If you are getting married, please contact Fr. Michal at least six months prior to your wedding date.

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